A Day of Relaxation

This past weekend we took a day off and went to Granada Nicaragua.  We started off at the top of Mombacho volcano to go zip lining. (LOL. No, I didn’t go. I didn’t even have to think twice about it.)  I just enjoyed the beauty of the area and went on a very short nature hike in search of treasures.  One of the volunteers named Narcisco showed me seeds from the guanacaste tree which the locals use to make jewelry. To me it resembles an eye or a bean.  (See photo in AIM folder.)

After our volcano adventure we headed to lunch at the Garden Café. I enjoyed a lunch that included a pineapple/banana/orange juice smoothie and a chicken wrap with a side of potato salad. (Yes, Granada caters to tourists.)  After lunch it was on to the Chocolate Museum.
At the Chocolate Museum our guide Willie Wonka (his American name) shared information about the cacao plant and how chocolate is processed.  Along the way he handed out lots of samples. I tried chocolate tea for the first time. I liked it so I bought a small package for later. Then we were on to the next adventure.

We headed to Lake Nicaragua for a scenic boat ride. Lake Nicaragua at 3,191 square miles is the largest lake in Central America. (This is the lake that has sharks in it.) We took a boat tour of the area stopping along the way to look at the various small islands and natural beauty. We observed many people fishing using a variety of methods. We stopped in front of Monkey Island where a few Congo monkeys live. Our guide called their names and they appeared on the branches and limbs. Lucita (Little Lucy) came down to take a drink from the lake.  There is a veterinarian who lives on a small island nearby who takes care of the monkeys. At one time there was a monkey that they had named Michael Jackson because his face was white, but his body was black. (Fame isn’t always a good thing.)

Driving back to Managua there was so much scenery to take in.  Our God has made a beautiful world!  I am blessed to be able to see this part of it. 


   April 2019   
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