A Stop Along Volcano Alley

The picture is from a roadside scenic viewing area on the way to Sunday's service through volcano alley.  In the background of the picture to the left is Momotombo. It is smoking, but not erupting.  

The drive most of the way was on a newly paved, lined highway with reflectors on the road. The pastor and  a couple of the brothers met us at the turnoff where we would take the road up into the mountains to get to the church. The pastor rode in the front seat and the other brothers in the bed of the truck. Going up the mountain road to the  church was like riding a bucking bronco. Brother Long maneuvered up the road for what seemed to be about 30 minutes before arriving at the church.

El Jicarrao, the church, was a wooden structure with an opening around the upper walls on both sides like a continuous window. This open area was covered with a fabric  to keep out bugs (I suppose) and to let in air. It was very basic.  Dinner had been prepared for us to eat prior to the 5:00 service (or so we thought). However,  we actually ate dinner in the back of the church during the first part of  praise and worship. To say the least,  it felt very odd to be eating while the rest of the church was worshipping.

It was dark by the time service geared up and Brother Long began to preach.. There were two CFL bulbs that were used to light the interior of the church. Imagine looking up and seeing all manner of insects flying around those light bulbs.  Then notice that there are about 100 June bugs on steroids on the ceiling near the lights and another couple dozen flying through the air as well as resting on the walls  behind you, and sometimes on your clothing and in or near your hair.  Then imagine that in the middle of the sermon in hops a frog. 🐸 Inwardly I was freaking out! (Maybe a tiny bit outwardly, too. 😲)  But, we were there to minister.  And by the end of service the Lord had filled 3 with the Holy Ghost and several were refreshed.

After service the truck bed filled with people taking advantage of a ride home. The ones who rode down with us had walked from one hour or more to get to the church.  And they do this 3 times per week without streetlights. They use flashlights or lights from cell phones to make their way in the darkest areas.  We arrived home after 10:00 at night.  We were drained.  However, giving up 8 hours of our Sunday (from start to finish of the trip) so that people could be delivered or refreshed goes along with the missionary's calling.

   April 2019   
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