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March 10, 2019, 4:00 PM

Sunrise by Sister Nancy Beatty


In the quiet of the morning when my rested mind is still,

I sit here at the table looking over window still.

First darkness covers everything but then it cannot stay;

As dawn approaches giving night, now we can find our way.


The burst of light that first appears makes such a rosy hue,

Then yellow, gold, and lavender give way to pink in blue,

It happens without cheers, franfare, or help from man,

It happens by the will of God, a part of His great plan.


The rosy hue has left the sky but lives in memory still,

More brilliant light cast shadows out as sun comes over hill,

I cannot look at some bright face, I must avert my eye,

But I can see much clearer now that sun fills up the sky.


Now that it is day I must not rest,

for there is work to do,

The voice of need once silent, now calls to me and you.

Whit hid in darkness now appears in brightness of the day,

And we should do our very best to shine our light today.

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January 15, 2019, 7:00 PM

ME AND MY SHADOW by Charles Cron Sr


I use to think I had a shadow
But in the darkness I did find
Every where there was a light
It was only in my mind

I walked the streets the mountains side
It followed me everywhere
I would turn around and look
That shadow would be there

I would walk fast or slow
No matter what I’d do
That shadow would be there
Bidding me adieu

I got to where I didn’t notice
That my shadow was still there
But again I’d turn around
It was there to my despair

So I spoke to my shadow
Why are you following me
I found out that shadow wasn’t a shadow
It was GOD keeping me safe and free

So now my shadows with me
Every day and every night
If I have a problem
My shadow wins the fight

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January 13, 2019, 6:00 AM

FOR I AM AN EAGLE By Charles Cron Sr.


Here I am flying
Way up in the sky
Looking down on earth
At things that catch my eye

I see trees and vegetation
Growing on the land
Put here by our maker
Just for all of man

What man does with it all
In all of history
Why it is mistreated
Remains a mystery

I appreciate what GOD has given
To men of all the earth
To enrich our daily life
Clear back to mans own birth

I fly up high in the sky
Where mountains look like hills
When I think about it
It really gives me chills

I fly up in the sky so high
Its like heaven you see
And my view is so beautiful
To me it’s not a mystery

I was created by GOD to
That’s why I’m flying high
And what I get by flying high is
Heavens point of view

For I am an eagle

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January 5, 2019, 9:00 AM

Poems By Charles Cron Sr.


Nothing is the lack of something
Something fulfills nothing
So if you have nothing
You have the lack of something
Now if you have JESUS You have something
But if you don’t have JESUS You have nothing
Now if you have JESUS You have peace
If you don’t have JESUS You have discontentment
The HOLY GHOST is something
If you don’t have it you have nothing
If you have the HOLY GHOST Your nothing is filled with something
So come and get something
So you won’t have nothing
Because if you have something
You won’t need nothing 

By Charles Cron Sr.

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January 5, 2019, 8:00 AM

Poems By Charles Cron Sr.

I was walking thru life’s store
Trying to buy some more
And looking at the expiration date
To see what all could be ate
I looked at love 
I looked at hate I looked at my life
That was on my plate
For everything had been expired
And I was getting really tired 
Shopping and shopping to no avail
I was slowly seeing fail
Felt like giving upon everything else
I think I looked on every shelf 
I seen a way and told my wife
It was the way that they called life
I looked but found no expiration line
And decided that I still had time
To live my life at all this way
I always took it come what may
Your life has no expirations
No matter what you gain in all the nations
You could expire at any rate
Cause you don’t have an expiration date.
So find a store that has GOD for you
Give him your best he will see you thru
Please don’t wait and hesitate
For you don’t know your expiration date.

By Charles Cron Sr.

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