Bluefields Seminar and Children’s Event

We had a successful Children’s Event this past Sunday in Bluefields  on the eastern coast of Nicaragua.  Of the 255 children that attended the event 5 received the Holy Ghost and 4 were baptized.  The two ladies in the picture sitting behind me and Sister Long are Sister Eugenia and Sister Margalit. This weekend was their first time ever on an airplane. They were nervous, but took tons of pictures and will be sharing their adventure for many days with their families, friends, and church members since they are both pastors' wives. 

We stayed in a family hotel. Only one of us (Sister Long) had air conditioning so I spent quite a bit of time in conference with her in her room. ☺  One of the sisters at the church in Bluefields and her husband owned the hotel and wouldn't charge us for our rooms. She also had her sister come everyday to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food was fabulous. Fresh pineapple, fresh veggies, freshly squeezed juices.  We ate a lot of seafood, with some chicken and beef tossed in for variety.  I did pretty good until the last lunch when we had seafood soup. I thought I  was eating mushrooms.  Later Sister Long told me they were oysters. 😝  And hot as it was we still had coffee or cafe con leche once or twice a day. (Talk about sweating out toxins!)

The church in Bluefields is the only one I've been in so far that has air conditioning! (Gloria a Dios!!)  So although we were with the teachers from 9-4 on Saturday and the kids 10-12 on Sunday, we still attended the 2-hour afternoon church service at 4:00.  Sister Long was asked to sing and the rest of us gave a testimony.  It was a very moving service with a powerful presence of God.

Now we rest a day or so and begin our preparation  for 4 big events in July. A couple of young ladies from one of the churches in Illinois are coming July 5th and staying  for a couple of weeks to help out.

Have lots of pictures. Hope to upload soon.

   April 2019   
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