Just wanted to share some of the things that are different here.

  1. Water heats in the shower head. So, a larger volume of water produces a colder shower. If you want a hot shower just decrease the water flow.
  2. Riding in a moto taxi has the feel of a golf cart and the look of a motorcycle. It holds up to 4 passengers along with the driver.  It’s mostly used for transportation within and between the neighborhoods.
  3. Produce is fresher and tastier. 
  4. Besides carpenter ants there are also micro tiny ants. They move so quickly it makes your head spin. They will get into food if it’s not sealed.
  5. Since water heaters are not common, dishes are washed in cold water with a special dish washing paste and a sponge.
  6. The gas stove in the kitchen uses propane gas.
  7. There is a Walmart in Managua. However, it’s packed to the gills and smaller than most that are in the states.  Electronics prices seem to be higher with lower prices for basic necessities and clothing.
  8. The answer to Sam’s and Costco is Price Smart. 
  9. Public transportation is abundant. But it is packed to the gills with people. They are sitting, standing pressed together, and sometimes hanging out of the windows.  Without air conditioning the heat must become unbearable.
  10. Prepaid cell phones are popular. You can buy any combination of minutes, data, and messaging for the number of days that you want.  If you run out of minutes or your package expires you can still call someone. It will send them a message to call you. Then they can call you and talk.
  11. Coffee is big here. And Nicaraguan coffee is actually very good. I drink more coffee than tea for now. But, I miss my tea with lemon.


   April 2019   
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