June 22nd Finally Uploaded Some Pictures

I finally was able to upload some photos!! Hope you enjoy them.

The Nixes left for the states yesterday. Sister Long drove them to the airport. We were out of the house by 4:15 to get to their house, load them up, and drop them off to get checked in for their 7:00 AM flight.   We had dinner with them the night before without Brother Long who has been with the two Canadian brothers in the remote areas only accessible by 4X4 or foot.  They were putting solar panels in churches where there is no electricity. They also upgraded and repaired a church's electrical system.  The missionary's work here in Nicaragua  is different every day.

After dropping off the Nixes and resting up a bit Sister Long and I then spent all afternoon into evening with one of the pastor's wives. She and her family are moving to the island of St. Martin to be missionaries and start a Spanish work there. She just needed a sounding board and lots of encouragement.

Three weeks have passed. Time is moving quickly.

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