June 8th Update

Today marks a week that I have been in Nicaragua. The time seems to have passed quickly. Things have slowed down some after the activity of last weekend’s seminar for the teachers and the big children’s event the following day.  Sister Long is a bundle of energy and a master of organization. I am definitely  the extra pair of hands needed to provide assistance with the projects she has in mind to benefit the churches in Nicaragua and in the region.

Our next big weekend will be in Bluefields on the Caribbean (west) side of the country. We will fly there because it’s a long, tedious bus ride otherwise. Instead of a 4-hour seminar for teachers it will go from 9 to 4 with only a break for lunch.  The children’s event will be 2 hours on that Sunday. We will fly back to Managua that Monday.  I hope to be better acclimated to the heat by then. I have had to purchase additional clothing suitable for the heat and lack of AC in most of the churches and homes. There are many places to buy ropa usada (used clothing) so I haven’t had to spend a whole lot. There’s also a seamstress available who will make a couple of outfits for a reasonable price.

The only challenge so far comes from the insects that have discovered a new source of nourishment. My legs from knees to toes have provided a feast for them. No signs of illness because of the bites. Just a lot of itching and swelling. I may go to the dermatologist to get something for the spots left behind. I definitely will be prepared next time with a good dousing of Deep Woods Off.

Tomorrow  we will be having dinner with the Nixes. They are the other missionaries here in Nicaragua. They are about to return to the states for deputation.  So, it’s good that I  am here at this time and will have the opportunity to meet them.

I have a prepaid mobile phone that I can use to call the US. For $5.00 I was able to activate the phone and get 30 messages and 30 minutes to the US. Plus, unlimited calling to a local favorite number.  In 7 days it expires. But, next time I should get more minutes cheaper since they always have specials. I have already talked to my sister and my aunt. It doesn’t cost them anything to receive my calls or texts.

Pictures are coming soon. I am waiting to get connected with Brother Long on Facebook so that I can swipe some from him.  Missing everyone. Will post again soon.


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