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January 3, 2019, 5:00 PM

Poems by Robert White

In Love with Jesus by Robert White 12/21/2018

I’m so in love with Jesus,

And He’s in love with me,

He came down from heaven,

To love someone like me.

It doesn’t matter, if we are young or old,

Doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor.

Everything I know about Jesus,

I love Him more and more.


Keep on climbing by Robert White 11/2/2018

Sometimes when I feel I really need to pray,

It seems like I’m climbing a mountain,

With obstacles, all in my way.

I thought in my mind, I can make it by myself,

I can climb this mountain, without any help.

But I soon found out, that I was wrong,

I needed someone to help me,

As I climbed this mountain alone.

Sometimes we need to stop and think,

Without God, what would we do?

So when ever you have a mountain,

Standing in your way! Don’t give up!

Just keep climbing, and pray, pray,pray.


Where the eagles fly by Robert White 10/20/2018

As I look into the heavens,

Where the eagles fly,

I often wonder, what it would feel like,

Soaring through the sky,

One day when Gabriel blows the triumph,

And all the dead will rise.

Then! Will I know, just how it would feel,

Sailing into the sky.

Then I will sing, my victory song,

Goodbye, old world goodbye.

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