Safe Arrival in Nicaragua

I arrived safely in Nicaragua on Thursday June the 1st.  All of my flights were on time or early with very little  turbulence.  It is hot here, but cooler than  April/May since we are now in the rainy season.  But, it's pretty much irrelevant  since Nicaragua is so close to the equator.  It's really different here.  But, it doesn't feel strange  to me.

The house here doesn't have  air conditioning.  frown It's surrounded by trees and greenery so it stays fairly cool using electric fans and keeping windows and doors open.  The missionaries' vehicle does have AC, however. 

After arriving Thursday we went to  Tip Top for fried chicken.  (Last time I plan to do that. no)  After getting settled and chatting with Brother and  Sister Long I decided to turn in early.  I fell asleep to the kissing sounds of the local lizards.  I woke up at 5:30 the next morning  to  a cacophony of bird songs and tweets. Then I went to school.  Sister Long has been working as a long-term substitute music teacher at the American School  since  March.  So, I got a chance to spend most of the day in the AC.  Gloria a Dios!!! 

We spent Friday evening  preparing for a Sunday School workers seminar Saturday and a children's  Power Hour for Sunday.  There were about 40 workers at today's  seminar.  We expect about 300 children for the event tomorrow.  The church doesn't have AC.  Just ceiling fans, open windows, and open  doors.  With all of the water that I'm drinking and with sweating so much I am praying that  all of the toxins are being flushed from my system.  smiley Also, I'm eating healthy again since I don't have to worry about preparing meals. There's a housekeeper who also cooks and she comes 5 days per week.  That's a blessing.

For all of my Facebook friends... I  am temporarily  locked out of my account.  I was  working between my phone and tablet and caused a problem. Hopefully, once things settle down  I will provide updates and post some pictures. 


   April 2019   
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